Published: 22nd December 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Calzedonia – answering women’s body-image prayers

How many times have you struggled to find a great pair of tights?  A pair that doesn’t fall down leaving you with embarrassing crumpled ankles and a constant pull-up problem.  Tights that are seamless underneath your clothes and, if possible, look amazing with hidden benefits such as holding in your tummy and lifting your bottom.  Think all that doesn’t exist?  Think again…


IMG_4827 _610


I had never ventured into Calzedonia before.  From the shop window, I was always dazzled by the designs and now having taken a closer look, Calzedonia is your go-to destination for hosiery, socks and shapewear.  Since it’s an Italian brand and generally, Italian’s are big on accessories, there is plenty of inspiration.  Manager Sara, left Italy to live in Brighton four years ago and tells me how Italian women walk everywhere, so practicality and comfort are king but so is looking your best.  This is the concept that lies behind all of their products.


For me, the real must-buys are the range of Body Shaping tights.  Available in a wide range of colours, deniers and styles, these little miracle workers answer every woman’s image prayers.  From offering control top tights that hold you in, in all the right places to ‘push up’ tights that lift your bottom!  You’ll also discover Body Shapers that smooth and shape your figure for a wonderful silhouette – great beneath all those party dresses and fabulous for faking it post festive season after too much indulging.




I loved the mix of practical essentials such as totally invisible seamless tights and footsies to glamorous knee-highs and stockings via fashion-lead designs such as polka dot opaque’s and tights embellished with New York and London skylines.  You’ll also find a range of novelty treats form cosy slipper socks and festive prints plus holiday-inspired sparkling detail.


Men and kids are well catered for too but it’s not just hosiery and socks.  You’ll discover year round beach wear – with tops and bottoms sold separately for the modern woman’s body-size needs and the girls print leggings are just adorable, while women shouldn’t miss the jeggings and leather leggings – some with those magical support benefits built in.


Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 15.06.00


For me, the right hosiery in particular finishes an outfit, pulling it together and completing your look but it is vital to get it right.  Get it wrong and you look uncomfortable or worse, have visible lines, seams and overhangs.  At least this way, you’re in good hands (or feet as it were), with every quality purchase.


Bethanie x

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