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It’s Christmas Jumper Time!

Posted 18th December 2017 No Comments

With Christmas around the corner and festive celebrations in full swing, it is time to don your Christmas jumper.  Whether it is a cheesy, classy or sparkly style you’re after, or even a bit of all three, Churchill Square Shopping Centre have got it.  You can even find matching jumpers for the whole family!  Check out this lot…


The Finishing Touches

Posted 8th December 2016 No Comments

5 Beauty and Accessory Looks to Try for Party Season Party season is here and you’ve got your outfit sorted but what about your hair and makeup?  What do you team your outfit with?  Is there a cute sparkly bag out there that is actually big enough to fit your essentials in?  Fear not, we’ve got you covered with these key items and looks…


Ernest Jones: A Definite for Your Christmas Wish List

Posted 5th December 2016 No Comments

What I love about Ernest Jones is that the sparkling products in every store entertain my every desire and fantasy when it comes to jewelry, but also every budget.  I love that I can walk in and afford a gift from £10 while also plotting a wish list (that I’ll leave on the kitchen table for my husband to see), of designer diamond rings, watches and personalised jewelry.


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