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River Island Menswear Department Makes Outfit Choosing Easy

Posted 28th September 2017 No Comments

I love River Island, I never fail to buy something in there as the store so closely follows trends while being consistent with classic wardrobe staples such as blazers and denim. So when I got news that the new menswear department has had a re-jig to make outfit coordination easier, I thought you’d want to know too. You can thank me later… What is all about?


How to Own Your Style (and establish it in the first place)

Posted 26th May 2017 No Comments

As a Personal Stylist, I take clients on shopping sprees all the time, defining what suits their body shape, lifestyle and personality. Building a wardrobe of pieces that each cater to these things is key to owning your style. 

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Calzedonia – answering women’s body-image prayers

Posted 22nd December 2015 No Comments

How many times have you struggled to find a great pair of tights?  A pair that doesn’t fall down leaving you with embarrassing crumpled ankles and a constant pull-up problem.  Tights that are seamless underneath your clothes and, if possible, look amazing with hidden benefits such as holding in your tummy and lifting your bottom.  Think all that doesn’t exist?  Think again…


Bethanie Lunn

Bethanie Lunn


Fashion Stylist, Creative Director and Beauty Editor

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