Published: 26th May 2016
Author: Olivia

How to dress for the races

Racing season is here. Do you need to scrub up on your races etiquette ? Or are you stuck for ideas? We have you covered.

 The Dress Code:

-No dresses above the knee.
-The bigger the hat the better!
-A little sparkle goes a long way.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Dress

Longer skirts and dresses are the go-to for racing season. Mid length dresses are a good place to start, if you’re feeling daring go for a a dress with a fit and flare fit. To give your outfit the wow factor, choose something with a texture, for an example a skirt that has a sheen, or something metallic. Look out for lighter fabrics such as lace, it gives you the coverage without you over heating in the summer months.

The Hat

This is something you can be really imaginative with. There’s not any rules when it comes to your hat choice, anything goes!

The Alternative

Races etiquette states that a skirt or dress is a must. If you’re not a fan of a skirt but want to fit the dress code, try culottes with a simple blouse. Culottes are genius, they give the illusion of a skirt but with the comfort of trousers. Not only will you look the part, you’ll have less risk of a Marilyn Monroe moment!

The Accessories

Add some dimension to your look with key accessories. Don’t let your earrings disappear under your hat, opt for a statement necklace instead. Be daring and try mixing complimentary colours and textures with your bag and shoe choices.

Optional : Layer up

Dressing for summer in England can be tough, the weather can change from being scorching to chilly in a matter of minutes. A cropped blazer will be your saving grace in the event of a change in temperature whilst providing extra interest to your outfit.

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