Published: 12th February 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn


G-STAR RAW opened in March 2014 at Churchill Square and since, has introduced an independent, free-thinking urban label to the Centre, bringing with it a confident style loved by celebrities, exciting collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams and individuality to get you noticed.

The entire brand is based on engineering and architecture thanks to the backgrounds of the Founders, introducing strong, bold designs with the occasional surprising creation that breaks out.  Not really placing themselves as a fashion brand per se, G-STAR RAW is for the man or woman who wants to stand out. They take trends and turn them on their heads for an overall polished-but-easy feel.

From design classics that will last you a lifetime such as well-fitting tees, brogues, biker jackets and trench coats to stand-out must-buys like the current women’s wet look shirt or men’s yellow quilted bomber, you’re sure to find something worth investing in.
The current colour palette consists of tonal colours in grey, black and navy with injections of yellow, blue and washed out pink.
As you’d expect, the denim is what it’s all about with a range or rises and rinses. They’ve even been known to close their doors and host ‘lock-ins’ after hours for key clients, providing a VIP Experience free of charge to kit you out and find you your perfect pair of jeans.
Type C is their most popular fit for women, a Boyfriend Jean that tapers to the ankle and fits closer to the leg while still giving that sought after slouchy appeal.  Voted as ‘the best boyfriend fit of the year’ by VOGUE magazine recently, you should give them a try.
Their signature look is double denim – good news as it’s a key look this season. Wear head-to-toe in style and, with Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays often see DJs get things going in-store too, make the most of the expert advice on hand here to look your best.
It’s definitely worth mentioning the upcoming RAW for the Oceans collection. A collaborative project that takes the plastic from the oceans across the world and uses it to create denim and apparel.  Curated and Co-Designed by Pharrell, once the plastic is retrieved, it is broken down into chips and shredded into fibres before being spun into strong yarn.  This is then helixed with cotton to make Bionic™ Yarn, used to knit and weave into the items of this collection.  Genius!

Overall, G-STAR RAW strikes me as a brand you can take your own way. Mix it up, maximise the versatility of the pieces and most of all – wear it with confidence.

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