Published: 26th October 2017
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Here’s Why Cafe Coho Should be Top of Your Hit List

I became a fan of Cafe Coho when I first moved to Brighton six years ago, and after just one visit. Knowledgeable staff that advised you without being patronising or too cool for school, friendly faces and of course – superb food and hand-crafted coffee.

Recently, Cafe Coho relocated from their popular stand outside TOPSHOP to inside the Centre with a design-led site outside H&M Kids and Animal on the lower mall and here’s why I think you’ll love it as much as I do…


Cafe Coho is an (award-winning) family run business 


Cafe Coho was founded in 2010 by long time Brightonians James and Joanna Wilson in 2010.  They now have three sites and over the years they have received many awards including Brighton’s Best Cafe and placements in the Foodie Awards. Not bad for a local husband and wife duo.

They are an independent business


Cafe Coho is the Centre’s only independent trader and since Brightonians go out of their way to support independents, together with statistics revealing that Brightonians are also the biggest coffee drinkers in the UK, this is definitely one for your hit list.



The new site design is totally unique


James Wilson tells me that Café Coho has many industrial influences, ‘we wanted to continue with this with our new site whilst pushing the boundaries offering something unique’, he says. ‘A coffee bar made from concrete is totally that! Add in raw steel and a shiny new La Marzocco Linea PB espresso machine and the whole thing is pretty special’.  I couldn’t agree more and can see it becoming Instagram-heaven.


They deliver best in class


The skilled baristas use the best equipment available and consistently practice precise brewing techniques to extract the best possible flavor. That much is evident. Café Coho use a complex blend of coffees from smallholder farmers including San Jeronimo Costa Rica, Gajah Mountain Sumatra, Cocagi Gashonga Rwanda and Liberation Guatemala.


Where possible, they always buy locally and responsibly, supporting other local businesses. Their bread and pastries for instance, are supplied by Coburn & Baker. Meat is from Westdene Butchers and their vegetables are supplied by a local independent wholesaler.


What’s more, the food is quite simply delicious and so well presented, Gordan Ramsay would be proud.


They’re ahead of the game


Café Coho are all over new food and drink trends.  Right now, they know that customers have specific milk preferences, so they stock many variants including soya, oat, coconut and almond. The last couple of years have seen ‘avocado smash’ appear on hundreds of menus across the UK and Coho claim to proudly be one of the first cafes to serve it.


‘Our new winter menu is being launched early November, says James, ‘with lots of new imaginative dishes.  We change our breakfast / brunch menu quarterly while our coffee menu changes regularly to keep up with current trends’.


So whether it is the health conscious bullet proof, matcha, beetroot or turmeric drinks, you’ll be able to get your taste buds on it here.




I know it sounds terribly shallow of me but I often judge a café by their flat white; it’s my favourite.  If it’s good, I go back, bad – I run out and if they don’t list it at all, I don’t even step inside.  Café Coho’s best selling coffee is a Flat White, understandably I say and, backed by most of Brighton, I believe their brownies are among the best I’ve have ever tried.


See you there.



Cafe Coho Brew Bar
Lower Mall
Churchill Square
Brighton, BN1 2TP


Visit for the store guide to get in touch and find out more.

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