Published: 29th September 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn

International Coffee Day

It’s International Coffee Day today so I’ve rounded up the best frothy treats across the Centre in celebration of the wonderful, energy-giving brew that I love / depend on so dearly!  You might be surprised at where the best coffee comes from and how much choice there is!..

Italian Kitchen: Best for Stylish Lunches and Freelancers

I love it here and often come to work, using the Centre’s free Wi-Fi while enjoying a coffee. The atmosphere in the morning is gentle and relaxed, providing a peaceful chill out corner amid the buzzy shopping environment.

These guys cater to everything in a forward-thinking and modern way, so you’ll be able to enjoy an iced coffee in the summer and snuggle up over a quality flat white anytime.  I also love to enjoy lunch or afternoon tea with the girls over a bottle of Prosecco and finish with their full bodied espresso, Italian style.

McDonald’s: Best for a Family Experience

Did you know MacDonald’s does gourmet coffee?  I was surprised too but Gaviña Gourmet Coffee is their supplier who has grown to be one of the world’s leading gourmet coffee roasters and sustainably so.

My son absolutely loves ‘Maccie D’s’, tucking into their fruit bags and a milkshake while I enjoy the good stuff.  From creamy lattes and comforting mocha’s to the ‘wake-me-up fast’ black coffee’s, this always hits the spot.

Ed’s Diner: Best for Tired Days with the Kids

Since parenthood runs on love and is fuelled by coffee (in my experience!), Ed’s is fantastic to treat the kids to superb milkshakes while you enjoy a generous supply of coffee.  You get a bottomless cup where they keep on filling it up for a mere £2.30 – just like they do in authentic American Diners!

Millie’s Cookies: Best for a Sweet Treat

This is great place to buy gifts.  The giant cookies with personalised icing are ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, Valentines day or exam time.  What I really love Millie’s for though is a treat – just for me!  Anyone for a Caramel vanilla latte and a Double Choc Cookie (with Belgian dark and white chocolate chips)?

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 13.22.24
Costa: Best for a quick (eco-friendly) hit

Costa produces one of the strongest flat whites I’ve experienced and it’s always great to sit, recharge and enjoy a slice of cake while you’re at it.  I love how their food changes seasonally and with current affairs so you’re bound to find Halloween inspired treats next month and of course Christmas after that.

Importantly, it’s great to know that Costa not only recycle their cups but their coffee roastery is one of the greenest in the world with year on year carbon reduction, an amazing 100% renewable energy supply and 0% waste to landfill.  The UK branches only use British milk, which is Farm Assured.

That makes having that Salted Caramel Tart a lot more guilt-free!

West Cornwall Pasty Co.: Best for Breakfast on-the-go

The award-winning pasties are of course the main attraction, and rightly so, but it is the breakfasts, washed down with a coffee that I enjoy grabbing while I’m out and about and in a hurry.  I usually have a frothy latte with an extra shot on hard-working mornings and my favourite breakfast is the Cumberland sausage and bacon roll which I sometimes add the omelette too.  Well, why not?

If it’s hearty, satisfying and warming food and coffee you want – and fast – this is your pit stop for exactly that.

Debenhams Cafe: Best for recharging post shopping trip.

Debenhams Cafe is tucked away on the first floor amid all the covetable interior wares. It’s great to go for breakfast with the kids as it is a huge open space with friendly staff but I like to go by myself and use the free wifi to tap away at my laptop while enjoying the amazing sea views.

They currently serve the Pumpkin Spice Latte, a Halloween introduction that is so indulgent, comforting and warming, they feel it will stick around over Christmas due to demand. Check it out and sit back and relax over cake and sea views after raiding the floors of beauty, fashion and home gorgeousness.

They also have a baby food warming station so you can reheat any food or milk in a private little corner. Little conveniences like that make a big difference.

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