Published: 2nd January 2018
Author: Bethanie Lunn

iSmash opening in Churchill Square

iSmash smash expectations of device repair shops and save the day


How often have you searched the High Street for a reputable phone or device repair shop, only to be left disappointed or worse, ripped off? It’s sadly too often in my case.

You’re also likely in the majority of people who have dropped their beloved smart phone, tuned it over and nearly cried when you saw the gigantic cracks across the screen?

If so, don’t delay repairs any longer and say goodbye to reading through a cracked screen, iSmash is Churchill Square’s latest, and highly sought after, addition.

Located outside on the promenade in front of TOPSHOP and Dorothy Perkins, iSmash is a tech repair specialist that specialises in repairing tablets and computers. They can fix your personal device in as little as 30 minutes, with their speediest repair of a battery taking less than five minutes. That’s a headache sorted in your lunch break with time to shop after too! iSmash also offer a Lifetime warranty on all screen repairs, giving further peace of mind.

Julian Shovlin founded iSmash in 2013 specialising in express repairs; answering the clear high demand for a trusted and specialised solution for the customer.

Considering we are now all so well connected through our smartphones it’s hard to imagine life without it and that’s why iSmash delivers the speed, convenience, quality, professionalism we all need and expect.

The demand and success of the service they provide has seen a national roll out with 27 locations now existing, that’s a lot in only four years. Testament to their expertise I’m sure. Same day screen repairs for instance cost from £40 upwards.

So next time you have a device dilemma, you know where to go, and do make the most of their current offers.  Firstly, a price promise: which states iSmash will rival the price of any local competitor as long as a valid quote is shown in store. Secondly, they are offering all students who visit the store 10% off.

Good to know:
·         Businesses receive 10% discount on repairs for your business devices as well as your employees instore.

·         It also offers phone accessories, storage devices and laptop / macbook repairs.

Visit their website to get your phone fixed in under 1hr and view their latest store opening times.

Tag and follow iSmash on Facebook and on Twitter at @iSmashUK

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