Published: 1st July 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn

KIKO has landed in Churchill Square

You’ve probably all heard by now that KIKO has landed in Churchill Square – yesssss!  I paid them a visit; naturally, to uncover what all the fuss is about and to trial their makeover service…

What they’re about
KIKO MILANO is an Italian brand that focuses on letting ‘you be you’, and with an extraordinarily wide and diversified range of products, colours, effects and sensations, this is made easy.  It is down to the variety that everyone will find something to suit them since, on first look you think the brand might be a young one with the current neon colour story and sparkly treats, but not so at all.

The Makeover Experience
Calvin Todd-Heppell was my makeup maestro, having trained with MAC and with a keen knowledge of fashion and beauty; he knows all the tricks of the trade to get you looking fabulous.

We had a brief consultation about the look I’d like and if there were any techniques I would like to learn.  The idea, says Manager Steff Baldwin is ‘to teach people to do makeup themselves so they can not only buy the products but learn how to recreate the look our experts can do for them in-store, at home.’

My brief was simple:
•    Show me how to perfect winged eyeliner
•    Make my skin glow
•    Take away my under eye bags
•    Make it all quick!

As a mum, my makeup routine needs to be quick so Calvin got to work in picking suitable products and showing me how they work every step of the way.  After cleansing my skin to remove my day makeup (I loved Cleansing Eyes & Lips which is gentle and effective), Calvin applied the base.

Unlimited Foundation SPF15 was applied using a large Face & Body Brush.  Calvin says. ‘When you’re short on time, one good brush can do it all.  Apply in quick circular motions across the entire face, taking care to take it slightly beneath your jaw line for a blended look.’  The effect was that of airbrushing and the coverage was good but without feeling cakey.

Calvin used the same circular motions to blend three shades of blush for the most amazing contouring, just check out those cheekbones I never knew I had!

Calvin says you need three shades for contouring and to break it into three stages, likening the cheekbone to a shelf and how the light hits it:
‘The cheekbone is a shelf (where you add the colour to enhance and flush), underneath the shelf is shadow (a darker shade to contour) and on top of it is light (a highlighter to lift).

1.    Apply the darker shade in a line from the bottom of your ear toward your mouth (where you see the cheekbone slightly sunken), blend in circular motions into the line, upward and outward toward your hairline and under your jawline
2.    Apply the colour on top of this across the cheek, blending out toward the hairline and into the darker shade
3.    Apply a highlighter on top of this and take it across your upper brow and down your nose for added radiance

For the winged liner, Calvin suggests looking down into a mirror and using fine strokes or dashes along the line of your eye and for the flick and then joining this up.  Move from one eye to the other to ensure they’re symmetrical.  I had a go myself and did it really easily this way.  ‘The real trick is confidence’, Calvin says, ‘don’t worry if you go wrong, it can be easily cleansed away and you can start again’.

The Power Pop Mascara in black lives up to its name by volumising the lashes in a big way.  Just look at the below image that I’ve made black and white to really show the difference!


Lipstick was dreamy combination of Deco Delight Lipstick in Jolly Roger, a warm nude and Unlimited Stylo in Pearly Rose Coral for a juicy pout.

The finished look was perfect for evening and Calvin simply paired down the liner flick by blending it away and into the lashes for a softer, smudged finish.  I’m not kidding, this is now my new makeup regime and although I can’t contour as well as Calvin yet, I feel well equipped with ideas, skills (and products of course), to help me look my best.  I now get compliments on my ‘radiant’ skin and cheekbones. Ha!

The makeovers are currently complimentary so book in, fast.

My Recommendations
•    Skin Trainer Eyes is a self-proclaimed ‘personal trainer for your eyes’, focusing its action on effectively tackling dark circles and puffy eyes. Adviser, Maia Stahlmann calls it ‘Redbull for the eye area’ and upon trying it, it felt cooling, uplifting and revitalising and did indeed reduce my under eye bags.  The research using real women who tested it say so too.  Needless to say I’ve ordered a truckload.  Skin Trainer is a an entire range that is up their with the bestsellers, from anti-spot remedies to youth and body serums so be sure to check these out.
•    Deco Delight Lipsticks – they have a vanilla fragrance, are wet look and covered in polka dots.  What’s not to love?
•    Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in 100 Gold. Hints of natural light and iridescent colour enriched with a high percentage of pearl, make this easily blended highlighter a true favourite.  This was used on my skin and is the finishing touch in achieving a radiant glow.

Good to Know
You will always find newness as there are limited collections throughout the year but once they’ve gone, they’ve gone.  These collections run through the middle of the store then you have your year-round essentials and classics around the edges.

Download the app (search ‘kiko’-), for a reward scheme where, for every £1 you spend, you get 10 points plus 10% off your first purchase.  In future, you’ll also get invite to events and news on new releases and offers.

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