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Be young and free at Bershka, Brighton

Posted 12th June 2014 No Comments

12/06/2014 It’s a worldwide brand boasting over 910 stores in more than 64 countries and with five in the UK, Brighton welcomed the store to Churchill Square Shopping Centre last year. With its innovative lighting, contemporary coloured spaces and floor to ceiling music systems, it certainly makes for a different kind of shopping experience.


Festival Fashion

Posted 14th May 2014 No Comments

14/05/2014 It’s the start of festival season next month and that means a lot more flesh on show. We’ve already been treated to the gateway of festival fashion at Coachella last month, a homage to the great and good of summer fashion, and it looks like some of the UK stores have taken some Californian inspiration for us on this side of the pond.

Zara pleated skirt1

The Perfect Spring outfit

Posted 11th April 2014 No Comments

11/04/2014 There’s something about the spring and summer that always makes me want to wear pretty patterns, motifs and embroidery. I think it’s got a lot to do with the warmth and when the sun is shining, everything always looks and feels good. My normal attire is colour blocking, I personally prefer more simple structures and tones that I can jazz up with accessories but in the warmer months, then sometimes anything goes. And with Easter just around the corner, what better time than to embrace the sugar coated pastels that we’ve all fallen in love with this season and enjoy being girly.


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