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Calzedonia makes everyday essentials a fashion statement

Posted 28th June 2017 No Comments

Calzedonia is an uber stylish legwear and beachwear specialist that shares a store with Intimissimi on the front row on the Centre, next to TOPSHOP.  But this isn’t just your average socks, tights and kaftans, oh no.  This is the brand Julia Roberts raves about, that presents shapewear to mold your silhouette and makes everyday essentials a fashion statement…


Intimissimi epitomizes Italian elegance for a dreamy lingerie range

Posted 28th June 2017 No Comments

Intimissimi is an Italian lingerie brand that oozes the elegance and style you’d expect from this fashion leading country.  Calzedonia and Intimissimi share a store.  The beach and swim wear of Calzedonia greets you at the front of the store as you enter, while the stunning lingerie of Intimissimi sits toward the back of the store, tempting you near the till point.   I walked into the store, which is located on the front of Churchill Square next to TOPSHOP, and was wowed by the fabrics, colours and sophistication.  If only my own collection was as stunning!..


How to Own Your Style (and establish it in the first place)

Posted 26th May 2017 No Comments

As a Personal Stylist, I take clients on shopping sprees all the time, defining what suits their body shape, lifestyle and personality. Building a wardrobe of pieces that each cater to these things is key to owning your style. 


Bethanie Lunn

Bethanie Lunn


Fashion Stylist, Creative Director and Beauty Editor

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