Published: 30th September 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Personal Shopping Experience

If you don’t already know, there is a new Personal Shopping service at Churchill Square, hosted by me.  With over 12 years experience in styling real women – it is a real pleasure to help women look and feel their best.

I recently took a client shopping around the Centre; the lovely Marjolijn whose requirements as a new mum were to find a number of pieces she could nurse in but still feel stylish and comfortable.  She also wanted to dress for her new post-pregnancy body shape, to find clothing that made her feel and look great; and boost her confidence whilst being practical.

Speaking from experience, once you’ve had a baby, your whole life, lifestyle, priorities and self-image changes.  That’s everything then!  For many of us, our body shape changes too and what we wore before we had children might not always be possible (or comfortable).  Mum of one with another on the way, I still dress for me and how I like to look and feel but with clever details and ideas that make it fast and easy to do so.

For Marjolijn for instance, I showed her how wrap dresses flatter curves and are ideal for breast-feeding with their open fronts.  They’re versatile too, worn with bare legs in the summer and opaque tights and winter boots as it gets cooler.
photo 2-14

Marjolijn has lots of jeans already so I showed her how to use the clothing she already has and introduced new pieces to mix and match.  Long tunics look great belted at the waist to add shape while the classic combo of Breton stripes, navy and white always looks casual and classy.  Oversized tees are cosy and practical, wear them with jeans or tucked into skirts.  You can wear them in winter too, just like summer dresses – just add a chunky knit and belt it at the waist to create shape and less bulk.

photo 1-13

Mums and busy women in general all need what I call ‘throw-ons’ – kimonos, blazers, open knits, ponchos and gilets.  These are items you literally throw on and go. They instantly jazz up an ordinarily plan outfit, cover any spillages or stains (!) and add a burst of colour and personality – in seconds.

photo 4-3

This photo of me illustrates all of this – wearing my gilet, a summer dress with tights and winter boots.  The bold colour of the gilet brightens up my look and gives me extra style points in just one garment.

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t hide behind layers if you feel paranoid about any extra weight or your body image; it only makes you look larger than you are.  Instead, show off your silhouette, cinch in your waist and go for close fitting fabrics with stretch to highlight all your best bits (but pull you in on your not-so-best bits)!

photo 3-4

Trust me it really works and here is what Marjolijn has to say herself:

“I loved my personal shopping experience with Bethanie! I’ve not long ago had a baby and really wanted to figure out what would suit my new figure and also find stylish clothing that I could easily breastfeed in.

The Pinterest board that Bethanie prepared for me before we met, looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to see what clothes she’d find for me! We first went to Topshop and I was pleasantly surprised that she had prepared a big changing room ready with tons of clothes just for me! Olivia from TopShop was also there and pampered with tea, biscuits and a second opinion 

I loved almost everything Bethanie picked for me, it was so hard to choose what to buy – I wish I could have afforded to buy it all!
We also went to Warehouse where Bethanie picked out a few more items and explained which styles would suit me and what to look out for and I bought even more stuff here with Bethanie ‘s amazing 25% discount too.

I am now equipped with the knowledge what would look great on me and what wouldn’t, plus a good few new staple outfits.

My husband, who bought me this wonderful gift for my birthday, loved everything I bought and I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends now! I even got hooted by two (younger!) guys in a car whilst walking down the street with my baby!

Thank you Bethanie, I now feel like a million dollars!!!”

We shopped in TOPSHOP and Warehouse but I also recommend Debenhams, River Island, Next and H&M for these items.

If you think Personal Shopping is something you might benefit from or you want to chat about it, contact me or you can come and see me for free styling services in Churchill Square this Saturday 3rd October 1-3pm.  Read more about that Fashion Event here.

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