Published: 8th July 2014
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Spa on the Go at Debenhams

I’m often asked what my favourite spa brand is and the answer is always the same every time, Elemis. Not only is it a leading luxury British spa brand, but its award-winning skincare range has made it one of the most influential brands to hit the beauty industry. Their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has become a bit of a cult product and their Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm was its ‘fastest-ever selling retail product’ when it first launched. And who could resist their delicious sounding spa rituals. Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap or Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Scrub anyone?

Now being a girl, I love a good beauty experience and I also love to shop, so when I found that I could enjoy both under one roof, it made for a very happy day. Welcome to the Elemis Spa Pod in Debenhams, Churchill Square Shopping Centre. Now not many of you will know that the Elemis Spa Pod exists here, mainly because it does a fine job in making you feel discreet (you are in a department store after all) and when you do discover it, you may just want to keep it to yourself.

Designed to help you feel rejuvenated and reenergised in minimal time, this unique Elemis in-store spa experience allows you to enjoy a professional skin consultation and skin booster facial in just 30 minutes… perfect for your lunch hour or just add it to your to-do list!


The spa experience starts with a consultation at the Elemis Skinlab counter, a rather high-tech advanced machine for analysing your skin. It sounds scary but it’s really rather tame. It doesn’t analyse all the UV spots and damaged skin that many of us fear from years of sun worshipping, it focuses more on the skin’s texture, pores, wrinkles and age spots – you won’t escape the ‘sun damage’ subject as it does touch on UV spots but you will probably be more surprised rather than shocked at the results. Rather than analysing your whole face, it rather cleverly focuses on one area which would be more prone to damage, helping to determine exactly what your problem areas are and helping the therapist (in my case the lovely Nikita) to recommend the best facial for your skin at the time. Nikita chose Skin Radiance for me, a powerful brightening facial designed to sculpt and restore skin radiance and tired skin.



This is not just a short spot of pampering; the Spa Pod is all about multi-tasking and getting the best for your skin in just half an hour. And if you were wondering how you manage to relax inside a department store, the Spa Pod is an enclosed sound proof retreat, complete with ambient lighting, scented candles and soft music. You won’t even know there are shoppers busily spending money around you.


Lasting memory? The Elemis massage chair. A high-tech padded lounger, designed to massage the entire body during the facial.



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