Published: 26th May 2017
Author: Bethanie Lunn

How to Own Your Style (and establish it in the first place)

As a Personal Stylist, I take clients on shopping sprees all the time, defining what suits their body shape, lifestyle and personality. Building a wardrobe of pieces that each cater to these things is key to owning your style. 

But if you’re unsure what body shape you are and don’t know where to start, try these easy ideas to help you establish your own style and look more ‘put together’.  It’s all in the detail…

Customise your clobber

A simple and effective way to update your wardrobe and add oodles of personality is by customizing your clothing.  I’m not talking getting out the needle and thread and getting your craft on (who has got time for that?), but buying specially made customization pieces such as shoe decorations and pins.

ALDO is front runner on customization right now.  You’ll find shoe clips and laces that transform any shoe into a totally new style.  You can use the jewel encrusted ones to add sparkle to an ordinary ballet pump, and the pom poms to add fun and personality to ankle boots or trainers (with the latter being huge news this summer and autumn).  ALDO also have velvet laces that you can swap the usual ones with on your trainers to add a bit of prettiness and playfulness.


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Add personality

Pins, patches and badges are another huge trend right now and a cost effective way to be individual.  Pick designs that appeal to you the most and make statements about who you are.  Pin them all over your jean jacket, your tote bag, even shoes, or just on the lapels of your shirt or coat if you like it simple.  Denim wears well with pins but avoid adding them on delicate fabrics or you could risk little holes!  You can always buy clothing that has that patched look done for you with cute embroidered details on.



Image: TOPSHOP Jean Jacket, £65


Consider Details Carefully

Details such as jewellery, hats, footwear, scarves and even socks make the difference between looking ordinary and extraordinary.  Look at the detail of garments too and opt for little touches that set it apart from the norm.  A blazer isn’t just a blazer when it has colour pop lining.  Jeans aren’t they everyday easy option if they have a sequin patch and a shirt looks more unique when it has fluted sleeves or a tassel trim, for instance.



Image: Miss Selfridge Fuchsia Ruched Sleeve Blazer, £39

Just be you, do you, for you

I stole this from the new Netflix drama, Girl Boss and it is THE secret to owning your style – being true to yourself and expressing yourself, unapologetically, through what you wear.  Who are you now?  How do you wan to be perceived?  What do you want to wear?  Then wear it.  Dive in with both feet and worry about it later.  The confidence you will get from all those ego-boosting compliments when you try this out, will spur you on to do it more.  Over time, it will become second nature.




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