Published: 1st June 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Stylish abodes made easy with Zara Home

Zara Home has to be the one store that most of walk by, one eye on the always-delectable shop window, while daydreaming, ‘I wish my house looked like that’. Right? From the perfect bed linens that want to make you dive right in to the wonderfully dressed table settings that instantly promote both awe and inspiration. Yep, Zara Home possesses that level of aspiration and interior design that makes you want to be rich, just so you can shop the lot.


Having recently visited the store to check it out though I was pleasantly surprised that you don’t actually have to be rich at all, much of the products are totally affordable.
Their new beachwear collection offers a luxe feel of coordinated printed tunics, swimwear and accessories, but with prices starting at just £19.99 for a tunic, bag or hat, it’s accessible to most.

The kids collections are in my opinion, some of best around and Zara Home had a selection of casual, bed and bath wear from snuggly little robes, pyjamas and slippers to nautical deck shoes for boys and glittery sandals for the girls. The attention to detail and quality of the prints and fabrics leaves me wondering if they do them in my size.
What I adore most about Zara Home is the thoughtful design for every last detail in your home and it’s all set out in ways to give you ideas. The textures, fragrance, colours, items are all organised in collections so of its a nautical look you want to create at home, you can buy from their Riviera range and shop everything from incense to table toppers, soft furnishings and linens. This makes coordinating decor, and furnishing stylishly, foolproof. I also love the kids displays of dreamy cot beds, soft toys and cute and comic throw cushions.  I know I’m gushing but everywhere I look, I’m inspired- even the cutlery and door knobs are pretty here!


But don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself and enter the same magical interior design whirlwind that I did. Just don’t blame me if you leave armed with bags and bags of gorgeousness!

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