Published: 18th March 2015
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Sustainable Style at ALDO

My latest visit was to ALDO, always an absolute pleasure since it’s brimming with the latest styles in footwear and accessories for men and women.  But beyond the glossy patent tote bags and super slinky heels is a story that goes a lot deeper.

The ALDO Group head office is a sustainable workplace for a start. It features efficient fluorescent lighting, heat-recovery technology and is surrounded by mature trees and vegetation that help regulate the building’s climate. They encourage efficient inbound transport practices that increase container loading and reduce shipping air when possible. Eco-driving training is provided to the entire ALDO Group truck fleet to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.  What’s more, the ALDO Group was awarded first place in its category for participation in the 2012 Climate Change (Défi Climat) challenge.

They’ve also reduced the consumption of single-use plastic bags throughout the stores by modifying the design of the ALDO shoebox to include a handle…and more besides. Pretty impressive, right?

So when you shop at ALDO now, you’ll feel good and do good – always a plus while shopping.

What to Expect

IMG_0512 IMG_0514 IMG_0516 IMG_0518

You’ll undoubtedly be greeted by very friendly staff (that’s a must at ALDO), then plenty of choice in the shoe, jewellery, sunglasses and handbag department.  ALDO champion trends so right now, the Spring Summer 2015 collection is in full swing with a blend of edgy pastels, bold neons and ethnic jewels for her and colour pop brogues, denim and classics for him.




What I love is that there is so much inspiration for shoes, from the practical pumps and snuggly sneakers to high heels and evening elegance, plus you’ll be able to get a bag to match.


Drawing inspiration from Designers such as Michael Kors, Celine and Marc Jacobs, the handbags in particular are incredibly well made and like the shoes, are made of leather with intricate stitching and modern style. I love the current 70s-style fringed parcel bags which I’ve not stopped thinking about (which only means I now HAVE to buy all three).




I also love that they have a strong collection of sunglasses year round, unlike other stores, as well as a range of heel heights.  For me, ALDO is the destination for buying those all important details to pull an outfit together so you look polished and put together with designer quality but without the enormous price tag!




The Autumn Winter 2015 collections drop from the end of August with new deliveries every single Tuesday to keep it fresh.

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