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Crocs – more than just a clog?

Posted 14th October 2015 No Comments

Ok, I’m going to confess.  I’ve never been a fan of crocs although I do like them for kids as they’re practical and comfortable, and they come in fun colours.  You think the same right? Well when crocs asked me to pay them a visit to discover far more designs beyond their classic clog, I was dubious…but also surprised.  Here is what I found that may well surprise you too…

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Be the Cool Parent! Send the Kids Back to School in Style

Posted 1st September 2015 No Comments

I remember when I was a kid and how important stationary and lunchboxes were to me, not to mention the uniform!  If the designs were too ‘babyish’ or not current, all would ridicule you.  Having the latest characters or brands was your golden key into cool-dom.  Now a parent myself, I look back and applaud my folks for keeping up with (my) demands. So with kids soon going back to school (hurrah), what cool stuff should you be getting them?


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