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G-STAR RAW opened in March 2014 at Churchill Square and since, has introduced an independent, free-thinking urban label to the Centre, bringing with it a confident style loved by celebrities, exciting collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams and individuality to get you noticed.


Get Your Wardrobe Gym Ready

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Now that it’s January and the festive season is over, you’re probably thinking of getting back into shape after all that indulgence, right?

Brand Report Men keep it Raw with G-Star Brighton main image

Brand Report – Men, keep it Raw with G-Star, Brighton

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10/07/2014 With its philosophy based on just the product, there is no fashion fuss surrounding the denim brand G-Star Raw. New to Brightons Churchill Square Shopping Centre but as a brand, its celebrating 25 years in the industry, G-Star Raw has made its name as a cult denim label. Considering its a high street brand, there is nowhere else that stocks the range of denim that G-Star does from 13 ounce salvage denim, denim using vintage shuttle looms to the iconic 3-D jean (yes 3-D… I will explain later), I think I have found the perfect place to find that perfect jean. Bear in mind though, this place is made for the modern day man, there is of course a large female section but if men are struggling to find something at the higher end of high street, then point them in the direction of G-Star.


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