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Twinning is Winning

Posted 22nd August 2017 No Comments

Have you heard about the twinning trend?  This is where you match your outfit to a friend or relative, and it seems even celebrities are doing it.  I show you what’s in store if you want to try it for yourself…


How to dress for the office in the heat

Posted 31st August 2016 No Comments

When the sun is shining and its sweltering outside – unless you’re in air conditioned offices – dressing smartly in this heat is a challenge.  We all want to hang out in beach wear and sweat it out in sloppy shorts and a vest but when you have meetings to impress at, that just won’t cut it.

topshop collage nov 16

Party season dresses

Posted 24th November 2015 No Comments

Party season has arrived and when it comes to what to wear, there is so much choice to stand out and sparkle in! From classic LBDs to red-hot numbers and floor length beaded gowns, Churchill Square Shopping Centre is brimming with party dresses to razzle-dazzle ‘em. Shopping for a party dress is one of my favourite things to do, it’s like a present to yourself so here’s my round up of some of the best around…


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