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How to wear colour this spring

Posted 15th February 2017 No Comments

Dopamine dressing is big news this year.  It is all about dressing yourself happy and wearing colour to lift your mood.  It works for me – I love colour – but as a Personal Shopper, one of my main client concerns is how to wear it. Wearing colour is made a little easier due to having so much choice this season; the stores are brimming with it for spring summer but there are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind… Image credit Colour Rules I hate fashion rules, fashion should be fun and so I’ve never had my colours “done” and never do this for clients.  Instead, I spot how they light up when they try a colour on that they love, how their skin looks against it, how they FEEL.  Colour should give you confidence and make you look and feel fabulous.  This is what to notice, so forget if you’re ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ and just try it, keeping in mind my following colour tips. But what colours are in for spring? There is a great deal of colours around right now but the key ones are: Cobalt blue Primrose yellow Flame red/ orange Light pink […]

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April Showers

Posted 29th April 2015 No Comments

The weather throughout April has been a crazy blend of random downpours and unexpected heat waves.  I’ll be sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and developing my tan one day, then I’ll have to cover up that tan with a cardigan the next!  Brr.

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Style-love from Warehouse

Posted 20th April 2015 No Comments

This month I visited Warehouse, which has long been one of my favourite High Street stores.  From my first glitzy halter neck in the 90s to their covetable denim dresses today, I’m in style-love.


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