Published: 22nd August 2017
Author: Bethanie Lunn

Twinning is Winning

Have you heard about the twinning trend?  This is where you match your outfit to a friend or relative, and it seems even celebrities are doing it.  I show you what’s in store if you want to try it for yourself…


Personally I see twinning as a bit of fun, and when I twin with my kids I see it as a bonding experience too, so long as they like what they wear and are happy with it.  Same goes if I were to match my togs with a friend; it shows that we’re close and alike.

In Tokyo, the latest craze is twinning with your partner as a symbol of how much you love each other.  Personally, I’ll only go so far.  As for matching my husband, Christmas jumpers maybe – for a giggle.  I may even stretch to similar colour palettes ala Mr. and Mrs. Beckham, but the key to striking a balance between forced and fabulous is to keep your own identity. Put your own spin on things and opt for similar items rather than identical ones.

Here are a few ideas in-store now:

His and His: Twinning in Denim and Shearling


River island Boys Blue Denim Jacket, £22

Topman Men’s Denim Jacket with Faux Shearling Collar, £65

Hers and Hers: Twinning in Bardot dresses:


River Island Girl’s Bardot Dress, £20

Zara Off-the-shoulder Dress, £29.99

Twinning in metallic footwear:


Office Amaze Metallic Boot, £88

Monsoon for Girls Glitter Sparkle Boot, £35

Family Twinning: Slogan tees for all


Next Slogan ‘cute’ T-Shirt, from £4

Next ‘I need wifi’ Slogan T-Shirt, from £10

River Island Women’s Slogan Tee, £18

Debenhams Men’s ‘Miami’ slogan t-shirt, £14

Whereas it is not for everyone and has mixed reviews, I love twinning.  My style is just as playful as my children’s and I don’t care what that says about me.

Fashion is fun, and I intend to keep it that way.

Visit for the store guide to get in touch and find out more.

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