Published: 15th February 2017
Author: Bethanie Lunn

How to wear colour this spring

Dopamine dressing is big news this year.  It is all about dressing yourself happy and wearing colour to lift your mood.  It works for me – I love colour – but as a Personal Shopper, one of my main client concerns is how to wear it.

Wearing colour is made a little easier due to having so much choice this season; the stores are brimming with it for spring summer but there are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind…

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Colour Rules

I hate fashion rules, fashion should be fun and so I’ve never had my colours “done” and never do this for clients.  Instead, I spot how they light up when they try a colour on that they love, how their skin looks against it, how they FEEL.  Colour should give you confidence and make you look and feel fabulous.  This is what to notice, so forget if you’re ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ and just try it, keeping in mind my following colour tips.

But what colours are in for spring?

There is a great deal of colours around right now but the key ones are:

  • Cobalt blue
  • Primrose yellow
  • Flame red/ orange
  • Light pink / blush
  • Greenery – the Pantone of the year



My top five tips to wear colour:

  1. Wear colour but don’t let it wear you – you can wear colour top to toe if you want to but you have to feel confident in it. Don’t wear colour for the sake of it, choose shades that you’re drawn to and that make you feel good then the confidence will follow.


Dorothy Perkins orange split midi skirt, £28

  1. Start small – a great way to get started is to introduce colour more subtly to begin with. Try one garment only and team a brighter colour with an otherwise neutral outfit or do it with accessories.  Your usual blue jeans and neutral top with orange shoes could be a great start, or try this seasons green with a bag or sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.10.25

TOPSHOP MONIQUE Rimless Brow Sunglasses, £24


  1. Detox your wardrobe – I offer a wardrobe overhaul service and always begin by asking the client to organise their wardrobe by grouping it into sections of colours. It never surprises me to see that it is mostly black and grey (until I’m done with them)!  Pick out any of the colours you do have and hold them up against you.  How do you feel?  Do your eyes sparkle?  Do you get compliments when you wear it?  Put it to the test and let this be your guide.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.08.00

Warehouse long sleeved shift dress, £49

  1. Clash colours – to me, contrasting colours offer up some of the best combinations. Navy and orange or cobalt blue and yellow are some of the best stand out combinations for me.  Sure, you need a little attitude and confidence to step out in it but I promise you, the compliments you will pull in will give you the ego boost you need to do so.


Pull & Bear Tulle top with frill and gathering, £19.99

  1. Challenge yourself and a friend – sometimes it is best to jump in with both feet and worry about it later. Get the support of a friend and arrange a 7-day colour challenge with each other.  Choose a new colour for each day of the week and commit to wearing it.  You need to send a picture to each other or tag them on social media as proof.  Send each other compliments and encouragement along the way.


Debenhams Nine by Savannah Miller yellow maxi dress, £65

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